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Journeying to Wellness


My book ‘Journeying to Wellness’ leads the reader through the various stages of a healing journey, outlining the practical steps to follow with personal, real-life examples throughout.  


It is based on my own true story of determination to find my way back to health. The book reveals the pathways I needed to restore my health and well-being, and at the same time guides the reader in how to pursue their own wellness journey.  


Practical exercises are included to support the reader’s journey, assisting them to transfer the guidance into action. 

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About the Author

Melissa Luxford

Author / Facilitator


I am passionate about the innate natural healing capacity we each have inside of us. However, I started my professional life in the Corporate arena in Human Resource Management, following a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Human Resources Management and Marketing.


My life changed direction when I was led along a life-changing journey of discovery in self-healing. With doctors eventually unable to provide effective treatment, I looked within and found the courage to seek out my own pathway to wellness. 

Inspired by this journey, I wrote the self-help wellness book ‘Journeying to Wellness'. Guiding the reader along the steps involved in discovering their own unique journey to achieve optimal wellness, the book also draws upon my own real-life experiences as examples through-out the book.

With a genuine passion for holistic wellness, I have trained in Qigong, Reiki, Pellowah, Kinesiology and Crystal Dreaming. I facilitate 1:1 Open Sky Qigong classes upon request in person and online for adults and children, Qigong, Reiki and Pellowah Energy Treatments, and Crystal Dreaming sessions.

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